chief GROUND Instructor Steve leary

Chief Ground Instructor, Beach Aviation Academy

Chief Ground Instructor Steve Leary is an FAA Airline Transport Pilot with EMB-175 & Hawker 800 Types and holds Flight Instructor Certificates for Airplane, Instruments, and Multi Engine.  He has thousands of hours of flying, navigating and instructing.  

He is a former Officer in the United States Marine Corps as a C-130 Navigator and currently an Officer in the United States Army National Guard.


Our Chief ‚ÄčInstructors

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International training

Capt. Fred McPhee, FAA Commercial License Single & Multi Engine Airplane, CFI-Airplane, Multi Engine Instructor, Bahamian Commercial MEL:   2700 Hours TT, Type Ratings: CE501, BE 1900.

He continued further to obtain his Aircraft Dispatcher's Certificate, and now is our training partner in the Bahamas.

Flight Instructor Certificate # 2673307CFI

captain fred mcphee

captain Randall barrett 

Chief Pilot, Beach Aviation 

Captain Barrett is a retired United States Air Force Colonel, and our Chief Pilot.  

Total Time: 18,500 hours

FAA Airline Transport Pilot - Airplane ME Land FAA

Commercial Pilot - Airplane SE Land & Sea

FAA Flight Instructor - Airplane SE Land & Sea, Instrument (CFI-A, CFII)

FAA Licensed Dispatcher

Typed in Falcon 7X, Falcon 900 EASy, Gulfstream III, Boeing 727,737,747,757,767,

DC-9 (MD80), Airbus A-300, MD-80

United States Air Force Times: F-16 500 hours;  F106 1500 hours;  T-33 900 hours;

T-38/37 400 hours

Flight Instructor Certificate # 2040495CFI