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Potential Careers for pilots

Aviator, Air Traffic Controller, Aerospace Engineer, Navigator, Instructor, Aviation Business Manager, FAA Inspector, Mechanic, so many careers other than "Pilot".  Contact us today about training to fill the many vacancies in the aviation industry.

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Six in Six!  We will help you retain currency, or become current again by performing the "IPC" in our airplane or your own.  The "IPC" consists of intercepting and tracking a VOR radial, a hold, and six instrument approaches. We like to perform three precision and three non-precision approaches.

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Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) is a person who teaches others to fly aircraft. A flight instructor serves to enhance or evaluate the knowledge and skill level of an aviator in pursuit of a higher pilot’s license, certificate or rating.  Certified Flight Instructor Instruments (CFII), this training is dedicated to Instrument Pilot Students.         

biennial flight review

A minimum of 1 Hour on the Ground covering Part 91, and 1 Hour in the Air. We are happy to complete the Flight Review in your own aircraft or one of ours. 

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crew resources management

​This training is provided as a stand-alone course, but also included with our Commercial Pilot Certification.

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jet transition

Enhance YOUR abilities and RESUME with an ECLIPSE JET 500 SIC TYPE RATING! Real world, hands-on training performed by experienced Airline & Military Pilots. 

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airline transport pilot

Airline Transport Pilot is the highest level of aircraft pilot license. Those certified as Airline Pilots are authorized to act as pilot in command on schedule air carrier’s aircraft under CFR 14 part 121. 

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instrument certification

In order to provide the "real-world" training for the instrument rating we plan and fly "real-world" flights with experienced instructors. Such as Key West, Florida, Charleston, South Carolina or New Orleans, Louisiana. To better help prepare the candidate pilot for changing weather, longer distance flights, interaction with new and various FBOs, a potential for "Actual IMC", and help meet the requirements for cross-country time building. 

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commercial pilot

"Don't Spill the Passenger's Wine!" Commercial Pilot Certification course meets all the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations using the Piper Arrow as our complex trainer.

More importantly the training will help the candidate by preparing for them for crew operations, customer service with the passengers, all while building aviation proficiency.

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complex endorsement 

We provide training in our Piper Arrow for the complex endorsement. The complex endorsement is required prior to the issuance of a Commercial Pilot Certificate and is included with our Commercial Pilot Certification.

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Once you have decided WHICH one OF OUR



private pilot

With flight training there are time minimums set by the Federal Aviation Administration that are a good general rule. We have found that most Private Pilot candidates complete the course in fifty (50) hours. Therefore we have based our training and prices on the complete 50 hour program. 

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ground ​instructor 

Rating allows the holder to give the ground instruction required for a sport pilot, recreational pilot, or private pilot certificate. The ground instructor certificate holder may also endorse a student to take the written knowledge test for these pilot certificates. Also, the holder of a BGI can give sport pilot, recreational pilot, or private pilot flight review. 

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We instruct Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot and Commercial Pilot Candidates. We also provide required recurrent training for certificated pilots. For more information, please Click Here.

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