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Beach Aviation is proud to announce his partnership with ESMA; a french Aviation Academy located in Montpellier. Our Academies join their excellent training to offer a Dual-License.

FAA/EASA The Best of the world

Our partnership is created to diversify your flight experience and life experience by training you for the FAA and EASA licenses. This unique experience is the opportunity for you to gain a depth knowledge of the aviation industry with two different academy. 

Dual Authority flight Training


‚ÄčThe American license will be entirely completed in Beach Aviation Academy structure, FL.


The European license can be add to the FAA license; and will be completed in ESMA Aviation Academy, France. Beyond this formation, our pilots will already obtained the FAA license and will be send to France for approximately 15 months to live this incredible experience. The EASA formation includes:

  1. ATPL Theory
  2. Practical Part: CPL & IR
  3. Multi Crew Cooperation


  • Class 1 medical certificate
  • 175h Total on aircraft 
  • 100h of PIC solo including:
    • 50h cross country including 1 VFR navigation flight of 300NM minimum with full stop landings on two other airports other then departure airport. 
  • 5h Night VFR including:
    • 3h Dual including 1h cross country Dual
    • 1h solo including 5 take off and 5 solo full stop landings

dual- licensing flight training