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Beach Aviation’s Piper Arrow is a fundamental stepping stone for achieving the complex endorsement.  The FAA requires a pilot to have experience and knowledge in a complex airplane and take part of the practical test to earn the commercial pilot certificate. This endorsement is included with our Commercial Pilot Certification. 
The United States Federal Aviation Administration defines a complex airplane as:  - A retractable landing gear - A controllable pitch propeller (such as constant speed propellers) - Moveable or adjustable flaps. 

Complex aircraft training takes an estimated 5 to 10 flight hours, yet the time requirement varies according to a pilot’s flight experience and the type of aircraft utilized.

complex aircraft endorsement

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The objective of holding a complex endorsement is for the pilot to become professional and experienced in handling multiple systems that are more complex than average private pilot training systems.  A flight instructor gives you the endorsement after you have received training and have mastered the training.