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The current revival in tourism revenue looks more like a return to the good life than a temporary bump in business. This optimistic outlook depends somewhat on geopolitical ructions, especially in the Middle East and Africa, abating. But more fundamental will be the rise of the Asian traveller. 

Leisure tourism revenue in North-East Asia will climb by 10% in 2015, to $900bn, surpassing the EU and North America. China is at the heart of this: under its five-year plan to 2015, it will build over 50 new airports; more than 100m Chinese globe-trotters will spend nearly $200bn, far more than Americans and Germans. Benefits will flow to the developed world. London's hoteliers can expect another strong year, and American forecasters predict 65% hotel-occupancy rates, a 20-year record.

Airlines will also take flight. Traditional carriers will start to face increasing competition from budget airlines in long-haul markets. Norwegian Air, which plies the skies between Europe and America, aims to have eight Boeing 787 Dreamliners by 2015. A low-cost carrier due to be launched in 2015 by Germany's Lufthansa aspires to join Norwegian in flying to Asia. Malaysia's AirAsia X will add flights between continental Asia and Australia in 2015.

Source: The World In 2015, The Economist

faa requirements 

The minimum total time requirement to hold a commercial license is 250 Hours. Our course is designed to accomplish the goal of ZERO to COMMERCIAL INSTRUMENT PILOT in minimum time! Please Click Here for more information.

The FAA requirements are:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a private pilot certificate
  • Must be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language
  • Certain Night, Cross Country and IFR Flights
  • Pass a 100-question aeronautical knowledge test
  • Pass an oral test and flight test administered by an FAA inspector 


Like the instrument rating, a commercial certificate is beneficial for candidates looking for a pilot career or a hobby. The certificate helps improve a pilot’s skills, which results in more accurate flying. Most pilots enter commercial in pursuit of receiving compensation for flying.

commercial fight training pre-requisites 

Hold a Private Pilot Certificate

250 Hours of total flight time as a pilot that consist at least:

    ▪    100 Hours in powered aircraft, of which 50 hours must be in airplanes

    ▪    100 hours of pilot-in-command flight time, which includes at least:

             (i) 50 hours in airplanes 

             (ii) 50 hours in cross-country flight of which at least 10 hours must be in airplanes

    ▪    20 hours of training on the areas of operation which includes at least:

            (ii) 10 hours of training in an airplane that has a retractable landing gear,flaps and a controllable pitch propeller, or is turbine-powered

            (iii) one 2hour cross country fight in a single engine airplane in daytime conditions (total straight line distance of more than 100nautical miles from the original point of departure)

            (iv) one 2hour cross country flight in a single engine airplane in nighttime conditions (total straight line distance of more than 100nautical miles from the original point of departure)

            (v) 3 hours in a single engine airplane with an authorized instructor in preparation

    ▪    10hours of solo flight time in a single engine airplane that includes: 

            (i) one cross-country flight of not less than 300nautical miles total distance, with landings at a minimum of three points, one of which is a straight line distance of at least 250nautical miles from the original departure point. 

            (ii) 5 hours in night VFR conditions with 10 takeoffs and 10 landings at an airport with an operating control tower

    ▪    Pass FAA written examination

    ▪    Pass FAA check ride

commercial pilot


Don't Spill the Passenger's Wine!"  The Commercial Pilot Certification course meets all the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations using the Piper Arrow as our complex trainer.  More importantly the training will help the candidate by preparing for them for crew operations, customer service with the passengers, all while building aviation proficiency. For More information about our Commercial Pilot Program Click Here. Learn from our Current Professional  Jet Captains and Join the                                                                               Airlines Fast track for you career offered through Bech Aviation!