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We have reduced our prices! Please click the pictures below to see our updated price list for location. Apply to Student Training Financing with our partner bank, click here

On November 7, 2016 ( and then again on January 16, 2017)  we contacted and viewed online several other flight schools in our area and compared prices:

SIX WERE HIGHER IN PRICE than Beach Aviation for Flight and / or Ground Instruction!  One was as high as $85.00 an hour for ground instruction alone!  

We also compared the prices and availability for our TWO, FULL GLASS COCKPIT, Garmin 1000 Cessna 172's and our price was equal to, or less than all but one school, and they wanted a 300 hour purchase of block time to equal our time!

We are proud of very competitive pricing structure and our PROFESSIONAL PILOTS.  Join us at Beach Aviation for quality training!

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Our prices have changed!